USS Ralph Johnson (DDG-114) Successfully Completed Builder’s Trials


US Navy stated that The future USS Ralph Johnson (DDG 114) successfully completed builder’s trials, July 20, after spending four days underway in the Gulf of Mexico.

While underway, DDG 114 successfully demonstrated full-power runs, self-defense detect-to-engage exercises, steering checks, boat handling, and anchoring.

The DDG 51 class ships currently being constructed are Aegis Baseline 9 Integrated Air and Missile Defense destroyers with increased computing power and radar upgrades that improve detection and reaction capabilities against modern air warfare and ballistic missile defense threats. The Aegis Combat System will enable DDG 114 to link radars with other ships and aircraft to provide a composite picture of the battle space. When operational, DDG 114 and her sister ships will serve as integral players in global maritime security.

The future USS Ralph Johnson will return to sea to conduct acceptance trials with the Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey. During acceptance trials, all systems and gears will be inspected and evaluated to ensure quality and operational readiness prior to the Navy accepting delivery.

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  1. Donna J Giordano says

    I would like any information you can share with me about the Christening of the USS Ralph Johnson (DDG-114),

  2. Donna J Giordano says

    Our son is on the ship and we want to attend the Christening, so we would like information about where the hotel is so that we can make reservations

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