US Navy; The 11th San Antonio-class amphibious warship completed builder’s trials


LPD 27; USS Portland has succesfully completed Builder’s Trials on 30 June.

“At-sea tests conducted during LPD-27’s trials included full power runs, self-defense detect-to-engage exercises, evaluations of key combat and communications systems, rapid ballast/de-ballast operations, steering checks, and anchor handling demonstrations,” read the statement from NAVSEA.

It was also stated “Builder’s Trials is the Navy’s first opportunity to assess the operational readiness of the ship,” said Capt. Brian Metcalf, LPD 17 class program manager, Program Executive Office (PEO) Ships.  “Portland performed very well throughout the at-sea and in port testing.  We’ll now focus on preparing the ship for Acceptance Trials later this summer.” from NAVSEA.

uss portland2

The ship is set to commission in 2018.


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