Singapore launched 6th Independence Class Littoral Mission Vessel

Singapore’s ST Marine launched the Republic of Singapore Navy’s sixth Independence-class littoral mission vessel on 24 March.

The Independence-Class littoral mission vessels (LMVs) are being built by Singapore Technologies Marine (ST Marine) Benoi shipyard, for the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). Eight LMVs are scheduled to replace the ageing Fearless-Class patrol vessels of the RSN by 2020.

The LMVs can be primarily used in coastal security, maritime patrol and surveillance missions, as well as in secondary roles, including humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and search and rescue (SAR).

Littoral Mission Vessel 02The LMV features a full-load displacement of 1,250 tonnes, has a length of 80 m, can accommodate a baseline crew of 23 including five officers, and embark a medium-lift helicopter on its flight deck. The ship is powered by four MTU 20V 4000 M93 engines, and can attain top speeds in excess of 27 kt, and a standard range of 3,500 n miles at 15 kt.

Weapons on board the platform comprise one Oto Melara 76/62 Super Rapid naval gun, two Oto Melara Hitrole 12.7 mm remote-controlled weapon stations (one each on the port and starboard sides), and a Rafael 25 mm Typhoon gun system mounted at the aft section.

Defence against hostile aircraft and precision-guided munitions is provided by MBDA’s VL Mica anti-air missile system deployed via a 12-cell vertical launching system (VLS) in the forward section.

The network-centric ships possess advanced radars and sensors, as well as a 360 degree out-of-window view and improved sense-making systems to enhance situational awareness and accelerate decision-making.

Littoral Mission Vessel 03

The first LMV, RSS Independence, was commissioned on 5 May 2017. The second and the third ships, RSS Sovereignty and RSS Unity respectively, were commissioned on 14 November 2017. The other two previously launched LMVs, Justice and Indomitable are presently undergoing sea trials.

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HHI has launched 4th LST at Ulsan Shipyard

The 4,500-ton ship was launched at HHI’s Ulsan shipyard in November 2. The vessel is named “Nojeokbong” and will be delivered to the navy in November 2018.

According to specifications provided by HHI, the class has a standard displacement of 4,900 tonnes and a crew of 120.

Each of the vessels can carry landing craft, tanks, Korea amphibious assault vehicles, and up to 300 fully-equipped soldiers, and features a flight deck that can take up to two helicopters, including the UH-60A.


1st ship of Russia’s 20385 Corvette Program, Gremyashchy has been launched

“Gremyaschy”, the first of 20385 Corvette Project  was launched at the Severnaya Verf Shipyard  in St. Petersburg on June 30, 2017.

According to the Northern Shipyard, a Project 20385 corvette has a displacement of 2,500 tonnes, a length of 106 m, a width of 13 m, a speed of up to 27 knots, a cruising range of 3,500 nautical miles, an endurance of 15 days and a crew of 99 naval servicemen. Its armament suite incorporates a 100 mm A-190-01 naval gun, two 30 mm AK-630M close-in weapon systems (CIWS), a Kalibr-NKEh missile system, a Redut naval surface-to-air (SAM) missile system, a Paket anti-submarine system and a Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare shipborne helicopter. The ship is powered by two 1DDA-12000 diesel-diesel engines by JSC Kolomna Plant.


The corvette`s harbor acceptance test is scheduled for August with its delivery to Russia`s Ministry of Defence by end-2018.

Peruvian Navy BAP Pisco Landing Platform Dock has been launched…

BAP Pisco (AMP-156) is a new multi-purpose landing platform dock (LPD) being built by SIMA-Peru Marine Industrial Services for the Peruvian Navy. The ship is a variant of the Makassar Class LPDs in service with the Indonesian Navy.

The BAP Pisco multi-mission LPD is scheduled to be commissioned into the Peruvian Navy by the end of 2018.

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