USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) successfully completed acceptance trials

The future Zumwalt-class destroyer USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) successfully completed acceptance trials on 1st of February 2018

These ships will feature a state-of-the-art electric propulsion system, wave-piercing tumblehome hull, stealth design and the latest war fighting technology and weaponry available.

The Zumwalt-class destroyer will be capable of performing a range of deterrence, power projection, sea control, and command and control missions while allowing the Navy to evolve with new systems and missions. It does all of this while maintaining its stealth – making this visually imposing ship difficult to find whether close to the shore or far out to sea. These warships possess stealth, size, power, survivability systems, and computing capacity that provide the Navy with the ability to meet maritime missions at sea now, as well as incorporate new technologies to meet emerging security environments.

BAE Systems awarded $22.7 million repair contract for USS Chafee

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract for repair services on the USS Chafee, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer. The contract was announced by Department of Defence on 10th of February 2018.

Work on the USS Chafee will primarily be focused on the main engine intake and uptake compartment structural repairs, along with topside preservation, the Pentagon said.

DDG 90 USS Chafee 02

Contract work will occur in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii., and is expected to be completed by September 2018.

The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, will be responsible for the contracting activities.

First Aegis Destroyer (HMAS Hobart) has been delivered to Australian Navy

HMAS Hobart (DDG-39) was commissioned in a ceremony at Fleet Base East on 23 September 2017.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull joined with ship’s company and family and friends to welcome the newest ship to the Australian Fleet.


Prime Minister said Australia plays a leading role in ensuring the world remains at peace. “In these uncertain times, a strong, well equipped Australian Defence Force is absolutely critical,” he said.

“The commissioning of HMAS Hobart provides clear evidence of our determination to keep Australians safe and ensure we are ready and able to meet the challenges that come our way in the years ahead.Wherever she may travel around the world, Hobart will serve our nation and take action in Australia’s name.”

Ship has Aegis combat system, including the phased array radar and missile systems, will provide an advanced air defence system capable of engaging enemy aircraft and missiles at ranges in excess of 150 kilometres.

Hobart, the first-of-class of three new guided missile destroyers, will provide air defence for accompanying ships, in addition to land forces and infrastructure in coastal areas, and for self-protection against missiles and aircraft.


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