France; 1st Offshore Support and Assistance Vessel was launched


The first BSAH (Bâtiments de Soutien et d’Assistance Hauturiers – offshore support and assistance vessels in English) vessel for the French Navy.

The BSAH contract covers the design and construction of four ships of 70 meters in length with a full load displacement of about 2,600 tons. Two units are scheduled for delivery in 2018 while  2 vessel are expected to be delivered in 2019.

BSAH Missions
The diversity of the missions led Kership to propose a Supply Vessel with a towing capacity of 80 tons of traction, a navigation speed of 14 knots and a significant endurance of about 30 days without refueling or resuply operations. They will be equipped with an 8 meters boat, several RHIBs and a crane for loading and unloading containers. BSAH will be able to accommodate divers, to carry weapons and ammunitions, to support submarines and surface ships, to tow underwater antennas, as well as to deploy a pollution control dam.

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