ECA Group unveils new generation mid-size A18-M AUV for MCM


ECA Group presented its latest mid-size AUV A18-M dedicated to mine counter measures.

The vehicle has been developed by ECA Group for efficient mine detection and classification in all water depths up to 300m. Like the other ECA Group AUVs A9-M and A27-M, the AUV A18-M is specifically designed to operate in close vicinity of the smartest mines without triggering them.

Due to its large endurance and payload capacity it is able to host high performance sonar payloads, such as synthetic aperture sonar, which provide unprecedented detection and classification performance.

A-18M AUV 02

“This mid-size AUV is the top trade-off between size, weight and long endurance. Its payload capacity makes it able to host high performance sonar, such as synthetic aperture sonar (SAS), providing unprecedented detection and classification performances,” said Léonie Delacou, AUV product manager at ECA Group.

For technical details you can visit official product page

For details you can read company official announcement here. 

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