Yunzhou-Tech (Oceanalpha) unveiled new USV with multi-beam echosounder

Yunzhou-Tech’s latest M80B unmanned surface vehicle is designed to perform oceanographic survey and other forms of ocean surveillance

Oceanalpha is a professional company focusing on USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) development and offering world-leading USV solutions for water environment sampling & monitoring, hydrographic survey, oceanographic survey, nuclear radiation monitoring and water surface cleaning, etc.

M80B Muti Beam Echosounder USV is mainly used for hydrographic and oceanographic survey, covering the areas of underwater exploration, scouting &patrol, water quality monitoring, topographic survey and maritime emergency.

M80B diesel engine system is allowing top speed to reach 12 knots; endurance to sustain 10 hours at 6kt, its surface boat design allowing it to adapt to 5th degree sea scale.

Equipped with obstacle avoidance radar and sensing camera, the USV can navigate safely without any risk of collision both on the surface and underwater.

M80 USV_2

M80B Muti Beam Echosounder USV is more suitable for oceanographic survey to investigate topography in deep ocean compared with other small sized remote control boats restricted to offshore, rivers and lakes, facilitating human beings to explore more mysteries of deep ocean.


Dimension 565*240*210CM
Hull Material Aluminium alloy
Weight 1400KG
Payload 200KG
Survey speed 6-8kt
Top speed 12kt
Power 110HP*1 Disel Engine
Endurance 10h/6kt
Operation condition Operate-SS3
Communication Range 30km
Obstacle Avoidance Radar and Sonar
Instruments options Multibeam Reson 750,720,7125;Kongsberg EM2040p,R2sonic2024,Sub-bottom profiler Benthos chirp3,Innomar SES2000 Side Scan Klein 3000,3900, Renishaw Merlin Lidar or other simar products and models.

For more information about USV plesase visit the manufacturer site here…

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