US Navy XLUUV Acquisition Program with Boeing and Lockheed Martin

The US Navy selected Boeing and Lockheed Martin to pursue the Extra Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV) program, which will test the Navy’s ability to manage a rapid-acquisition project and the Navy-industry team’s ability to develop and integrate an unmanned system that operates completely independently of manned ships.

Lockheed Martin was awarded $43.2 million and Boeing $42.3 million for the design phase of the Orca XLUUV system and delivery of a technical data package

The two XLUUV design contracts cover a 15-month work period, with a critical design review set for December 2018 and a downselect to one contractor taking place based on the CDR.

As the XLUUV design phase moves on, Boeing would send its Echo Voyager back out to sea in early 2018 for a second set of sea trials, to continue to prove that the vessel holds up to the harsh underwater environment – significant pressure changes throughout the water column and corrosive salt water among them – and that it can take on whatever payloads potential customers might need.

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