Turkey; 1st ship of RATSHIP project, TCG IŞIN (A-583) commisioned to Navy on 22 July

TCG IŞIN (A-583) was designed by Turkish company SEFT and was built by Istanbul Shipyard in Tuzla, Turkey. She is a dedicated submarine rescue intervention ship to perform subsea and surface rescue operations and  fire fighting capabilities in various sea conditions.

She is equipped with a twin controlled pitch propeller (CPP) system, aft and bow tunnel thrusters and a recractable thruster which allows high manouverability and position keeping capability.

She has 2X3500 kw main engines and two shafts with cpp as main propulsion system. And she is capable of max. 18 knots with full load at 2400 tonnes.

The ship has a wide range of equipments for rescue and towing operations. She has the ability of intervention on a damaged submarine in 600 m with Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression (SEVDS) System. There is also a diving stage, a decompression chamber for 6 people, towed side-scan sonar system and Remote Operation Vehicle (ROV) with their LARS.

TCG IŞIN (A-583) is also a diving support ship with high pressure breathing air compressors and HeO2 mixed gas system installed onboard the ship.

TCG AKIN (A-584), the second ship of the project is now conducting sea trials and according to navy authorities it is planned to deliver the ship at the end of Semptember 2017.

tcg ışın-2
TCG IŞIN (A-583) commissioning ceremony at İstanbul Shipyard
tcg ışın-3
TCG IŞIN (A-583) commissioning ceremony at İstanbul Shipyard

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